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Summer is right around the corner and you may already be dreading the heat and beauty pitfalls that come with baking in the hot summer sun. Fear not! Our trusty hair extensions Las Vegas artists and stylists are here to help abate your fears with simple solutions to help you stay looking fresh and gorgeous this summer.

100% Natural Remy human Hair Extensions Las Vegas

Powder is your friend! If you’re applying a cream or liquid product always set it with powder. A lot of people do this year round, but it’s uber important during the warmer months. Keeping a pressed powder compact in your bag is a great way to freshen up your face after being outside.

Less is more! When it’s sweltering outside there’s a good chance your makeup could melt right off your face. Wearing less makeup is a tried and true way to avoid looking like a hot mess. Try the modern minimalist approach and get creative.

Go waterproof! Nothing stays put like a waterproof or water resistant makeup product. These super star products won’t budge, crease, or smudge when the humidity kicks your sweat glands into overdrive. Save yourself from looking like a post-sob beauty queen and reach for the waterproof stuff.

Tinted moisturizer is a great alternative! Heavy foundations can make you feel weighed down with caked on makeup when the barometer starts rising. Tinted moisturizer is a fave summer choice because it’s light and quick to apply. You still get sheer coverage to hide imperfections and give a more polished look and tinted moisturizers are often loaded with SPF!

Go bold! Bold nail polishes are great for summer. Your constantly flashing your toes so why not opt for hot pinks and bright oranges. Bright colors look great on most skin types and look even better on dark skin. Hello golden summer tan!

Bring on the bangs! A lot of people are scared to keep their bangs for the summer. The beauty of bangs is that their versatile. If they’re driving you bananas in the hot summer pin ‘em back to avoid sweaty stringy fringe. Dry shampoo are your bangs best friend. Keep some handy when you’ve gone round and round with the heat.

Don’t fear summer! Embrace it! There are lots of beauty options to keep you looking gorgeous in the summers heat. The amazing airbrush makeup Las Vegas artists know just how important it is to look and feel your best, especially when you’re dying of heat!

Wedding Makeup Las Vegas

Best Wedding Makeup Las Vegas

Every bride imagines their wedding day on a beautiful, sunny Summer day with a great temperature. Unfortunately, for those brides living in Las Vegas, the requirement of all of those adjectives in one day is hard to come by. Summer in Las Vegas means extremely hot temperatures and the last thing you want to see in your wedding photos are tired looking guests or worse, a sweaty and tired looking you! To get your pictures to look gorgeous, it will be extremely important to have a salon that has the most experienced staff to give you the best wedding makeup Las Vegas has to offer.

All eyes will be on you, the bride, throughout the entire occasion so you will want to look your best. It may seem like a challenge to maintain your great makeup and style when the temperature is soaring to more than 100 degrees, but this is definitely not an impossible feat. Keep the following in mind to vanish your wedding makeup concerns and be able to enjoy the night.

The first step to having the best wedding makeup Las Vegas has ever seen is to have a good foundation… but not just on your face. You want to make sure your entire body’s skin is clean moisturized and one of the best products out there for this is Me!Bath bath salts. Adding one of their decadent ice-cream shaped bath salts to your tub will give you the best glowing skin before you even begin adding any makeup.

Also, keep in mind that not all skin types are the same so not every product will work for you. Stop to think about what type of skin you have. If your skin is generally oily, clean it up with an oil-free moisturizer before you add foundation. On the flip side, if your skin is very dry, be sure to moisturize it before you add foundation. Having your face clean and smooth will help the foundation stay on longer while still giving you a natural look.

Your eyes are an integral part of you complete look. They will give your wedding photos definition and depth. For some women, their eye makeup can last all day while others’ will fade almost immediately. Try applying concealer and a dusting powder before the eyeshadow. For Summer weddings, neutral or lighter shades work best. A mistake you cannot afford to make is not using waterproof mascara. Anything else will run down your face the moment you begin to tear up.

Lastly, your lipstick choice is very important. Avoid leaving embarrassing lipstick marks on your new husband or the champagne glass by blotting your lips with a tissue after you’ve applied the lipstick. This will get rid of any extra and give your lips a much more natural look. You can also add a touch of gloss and a lipstick sealer for extra security.

As you can see, maintaining your beautiful makeup during one of the most important days of your life is crucial. If you feel you need expert advice, contact the Mia Bella Salon. They have staff that will give you the best wedding makeup Las Vegas has to offer.

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Best Wedding Hair Las Vegas

Wedding Hair Las Vegas

We’ve all had bad hair days, but your wedding day definitely can’t be one of them. Mia Bella Salon and Day Spa specializes in wedding hair Las Vegas residents are sure to love. Our talented hair technicians can consult with brides about how they vision their hair or brainstorm ideas for the perfect up or down style. Our salon boasts 54 stations so we can accommodate your entire wedding party at once and we’ll be sure to adhere to your time line.

Some of the hottest trends for brides this year are wedding hair accessories. Carrie Bradshaw perhaps started the craze with her infamous blue-feathered bird barrette she donned in the first Sex and the City movie. Our hair stylists will be happy to work with any accessory you would like to add, just please let us know what you are planning when you schedule your appointment.

You should take time in choosing your wedding hair accessories because they are immediately noticeable. Take your dress and hairstyle into consideration when choosing a crystal barrette, gemmed hair pins, a sparkling tiara or an elegant hair comb. From Demure to dramatic, this year’s bridal hair accessories add glitz and glamour to any hairstyle and wedding-day look. Currently, brides are choosing tiaras over veils to show off their look.

Style trends for bridal hair and makeup this year are elegant and beautiful hair styles that include buns, twists and flowing down hair styles. If you choose to wear your hair down, you need to ensure your hair is at its shiniest and softest through tender love and care at least six months prior to your big wedding day. Mia Bella has a line of amazing, top-rated hair products to help restore any damage, add moisture and body to your hair.

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Best Salon and Spa Las Vegas

Getting a hair cut can be nerve-racking if you don’t know what you are looking for. Having a plan and an idea before you even step foot in a hair salon is your best defense from making a last minute decision and regretting it for months to come. Fortunately for those individuals who are extremely indecisive, there are a few concrete guidelines that can help you narrow it down and it all boils down the your face shape. After reading through these guidelines, visit Mia Bella’s west Las Vegas salons for a personalized consultation with an expert stylist.

For this process to work properly you need to first know your actual face shape. You can do this easily by standing in front of a mirror, pulling your hair completely back and securing it with a butterfly clip or any other hair clip you have. Now for the fun step. Take a lipstick and draw around the outline of your face directly on the mirror. Now you can use the shape you just drew to determine your face shape and if you are really unsure, you can bring in others to take a look and give you advice. Don’t worry about the lipstick as this can easily be cleaned off with window cleaner and some paper towels. Your mirror will be good as new and once you determine your face shape you can begin to think about hair cuts.

If you have a diamond shaped face, you will have a narrow forehead, pointy chin and wide cheeks. If this sounds like you, then you will want a hairstyle that will balance your face shape a little bit more. Hairstyles that are narrow at the cheekbones and wider at the forehead will be best for you.

A rectangle/long face shape is one that has a high forehead and a long jaw and chin. If this sounds like you, the best haircut would be one that is shoulder-length and maybe even trendy bangs to disguise your long forehead.

You are in luck if your face shape is oval. If your face shape is oval, then your facial features will be a high forehead and slightly rounded chin. Luckily for you, an oval face shape seems to be the most balanced and can make almost any hairstyle look great. So go ahead and flip through all the celeb. Magazines for their latest hairstyles and don’t be afraid to try something new… your face shape will not let you look bad no matter what style you decide on.

These guidelines are for general purposes and the best thing to do when looking for a new haircut is to find a stylist you can trust and who is patient and won’t rush you into making a decision. MiaBella’s west Las Vegas salons have staff members whose only goal is to give you a fabulous hairstyle that you will love. Visit any of Mia Bella’s west Las Vegas salons for a personalized consultation with an expert stylist who can help you make the right decision on a perfect haircut for your particular face shape.

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Colon Hydrotherapy In Las Vegas | Colonic Treatments Las Vegas

Colonic hydrotherapy is a method of body cleansing in which therapists use low water pressure to cleanse the colon and intestinal area. Many benefits are connected to the process. For ideal results, this therapeutic session should be done one time a month, based on personal needs. In between sessions, patients consume herbal supplements and perform home-based flushes themselves. At Mia Bella Salon and Spa, we have experienced practitioners who work to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

The most obvious advantage of getting colonic irrigation is coming out with a fresh colon and intestinal tract. As a person ages, the tract clogs up with old contaminants, bacteria and fecal matter. As it clogs up, various illnesses develop. Some problems are minor and short term, like constipation and diarrhea, which is common amongst most people. If the problems are severe enough, diseases like colon cancer may start to develop. We refresh the colon by removing hazardous buildup from the intestinal walls.

A colon hydrotherapy session is like doing a wash with a hose. Our therapists remove excessive waste that does not need to be there. The colon needs to make room for new waste. Typically, normal bowel movements start soon after an irrigation session. Diarrhea is caused when toxins collect and prevent proper waste processing. The affected person has to remove the excess waste. Our hydrotherapy is a solution for all of those gastrointestinal issues.

Weight loss is a major benefit of body cleansing. There are endless complaints about weight gain and problems with weight loss. The colon can hold substances that weigh dozens of pounds after years of buildup. The spa’s treatment cleans out those heavy pounds of waste.

Whether people are healthy, middle-aged or elderly, they can seek colon hydrotherapy providers. No hazardous chemicals or invasive surgeries are needed. Colon cleansing is beneficial as long as it used correctly. Our friendly staff at Mia Bella Salon and Spa are qualified professionals for this procedure who are passionate about the well-being of others.

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Las Vegas Premium Nail Salon
At Mia Bella Salon & Spa, we understand that looking good and feeling good should be a part of your life. As the leader among premium Las Vegas nail salons, our goal is to give you professional services in a relaxing atmosphere. Pampering is something you can expect from the moment you walk into our salon.

You might not expect affordable prices at a premium nail salons in Las Vegas, but we offer great deals and packages. Our rates are competitive with salons around the city. Our clients get the satisfaction of being in a high-end salon and spa without having to pay a fortune.

We are full-service nail salon. Our staff includes certified experts that are trained in the latest techniques and up to date with all the trends to give you the best service. We offer several manicure and pedicure options so you may customize your experiences. Our full range of nail enhancements means you can have just about any look you want at an affordable price. We can pamper your hands and feet with massage, paraffin treatments, and filing. Your hands and feet will be better than they have ever been.

We are full-service nail salon. Our staff includes certified experts that are trained in the latest techniques and up to date with all the trends to give you the best service. We offer several manicure and pedicure options so you may customize your experiences. Our full range of nail enhancements means you can have just about any look you want at an affordable price. We can pamper your hands and feet with massage, paraffin treatments, and filing. Your hands and feet will be better than they have ever been.

Special events are our specialty. People from around the world come to Vegas to get married every day of the year. If you are planning a wedding here, give us a call. We offer packages for local and out-of-town bridal parties. You can get your hair, nails, and make-up done before you walk down the aisle. We also offer services for quinceaneras, sweet 16s, prom, and other special occassions where you want to look good. Mia Bella is here to serve all your beauty needs. Give us a call when you want a bit of pampering.

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Best Hair Extension In Las Vegas 2014

Want the best hair extension in Las Vegas? Mia Bella Salon and Spa has all colors in stock. They provide you the dedicated attention like your personal hair stylist. Just 60 minutes service and you will leave the salon with long luxurious hairs. Except you, no one will able to detect that its extension hairs.

Hair extension involves attaching real human hairs with micro cylinders to your natural hairs. Hair extensions are long lasting and on a special care, they will last longer. You may style your hair as you want. You may curl them or flat iron them with some simple precautions.

Cost: Hair extension can range from $ 300 to $2500 depending upon pieces, quality and length of hair extensions.

If you where ever looking for and snooping about hair extensions!! Guess what you have to meet us! We are now in Las Vegas building our new foundation for our hair extension culture.

Perfect wedding look in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. A perfect wedding starts with a perfect look. All eyes are on you, as you take each step down the aisle to say “I DO” and your special wedding day moments will be captured. At Mia Bella Salon and Spa, they understand how important the day is for you. They guarantee you to look your best on your special day, just like a celebrity! They are the best and have knowledge and experience in their field. They will accommodate you and your entire bridal party. They help you to make your wedding day unique and wonderful like you!

Our bridal team is prompt and prepared to make your day wonderful. We are experts in the industry and use only the utmost quality makeup and hair products.

Vibrant red nails

DIY Nail Polish

Love nail polish, but can’t find that perfect color you’ve always wished you could find? Try your hand at making your own nail polish! Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Eyeshadow or color of your choice
  • Clear nail polish
  • A container for your nail polish
  • A clean brush to avoid getting color in your clear nail polish
  • A plastic sandwich bag
  • A pair of disposable gloves

Put your eyeshadow/coloring in the plastic bag and grind it into a fine powder. Once this is done, cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag and put your pigment into the container you want to store your nail polish in. Next, pour some of your clear nail polish into the container and stir it up. Voila, you’ve done it!

You should plan on putting it on immediately, since it will dry very quickly. If it starts drying while you’re putting it on, add more of the clear polish to make it liquid again. If you’re planning on bringing it to one of your favorite nail salons for use during a manicure, bring the ground-up pigment in the container for mixing at the salon. Have fun!

An assortment of nail polish colors

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The perfect Brazilian wax

6 Things You Should Know Before You Get a Brazilian Wax

Know the dos and don'ts

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Brazilian wax: Those two words are enough to strike fear into the hearts of women everywhere. However, most of that fear is misplaced. There’s a lot of misinformation out there as to what getting a Brazilian wax is really like, so here’s what you need to know before you get one yourself.

1. It doesn’t hurt (that much)

Most women report feeling a stinging sensation or intense pressure when the wax is removed, but movie scenes where the person getting waxed screams in pain are definitely exaggerated. A skilled waxer will be able to do his or her job without causing that kind of pain. If you’re still worried about it or you know you’re very sensitive to pain, take a couple of Ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment, or use some numbing cream.

2. If your waxer double dips, it’s okay

Be prepared for your Brazilian wax

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The wax that’s used for a Brazilian is hot enough to kill any germs that come into contact with it, so there’s no need to worry about the spread of germs from one person to another through the wax.

3. Waxing can make you more susceptible to infections

Since waxing removes the top layer of the skin along with the hair, you will be more susceptible to infection for a while after getting waxed. It’s important to keep the area extra clean for a few days afterward to make sure you don’t catch anything you don’t want.

4. It’s okay to get a Brazilian when it’s “that time of the month”

Getting a Brazilian during your period is a little more painful for some women because of your changing hormonal balance; but there’s no medical reason why you can’t get it done. As long as you have a fresh tampon and make sure you’re cleaned up before your appointment, things can proceed as normal.

5. There’s no reason to be embarrassed

Feel comfortable at your salon

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While it may be a bit awkward for you to have a total stranger looking at and touching the most intimate area of your body, waxers see multiple clients every day who want a Brazilian. It’s part of their job, and one they do frequently. When they see you for an appointment, they’re thinking about how to best remove the hair from your body — not critiquing you or comparing you to anyone else. Besides, with so many people wanting a Brazilian these days, there’s very little they haven’t seen already.

6. At the same time…make sure you shower or use a wet wipe before your appointment

Your waxer may have already seen all there is to see, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of basic hygiene before your appointment. It’s an unpleasant experience all around if you have to be asked to freshen up at the salon before the waxing can be done, so do yourself (and the waxers!) a favor and take care of it at home.

Getting a Brazilian really isn’t as big a deal as it’s made out to be. For the best Brazilian wax in Las Vegas, call Mia Bella Salon and Spa for an appointment with one of our expert waxers. You’ll be glad you did!